Our private sauna is designed for up to 2 people.

It is a dry sauna (also called Swedish), where the temperature is around 100 ° C, but the water does not adhere to the stove.

Before entering sauna, wash with soap and shower. Before every entry into sauna, wipe the water from the body surface, the sauna is not steam! To the sauna, take only a towel to sit or lie down on and sponge or brush, not artificial fibers. Breathe in the sauna only with your mouth. Dry air breathing through the nose drains the mucous membrane and causes headache. When sweating, massage the body surface. After 8-15 minutes, get out of the sauna, rinse under the shower, if possible with your head. When feeling cold, return to the sauna. Repeat the procedure heat - cool three times to achieve the sauna effect. Sauna needs a lot of drinking, best is water, but also mineral water, juice, cool tea, alcohol is totally inappropriate.

Sauna is not recommended for diseases of the heart and blood circulation.

Sauna is a kind of Thermotherapy, a healing method that utilizes the beneficial effects of mild overheating of tissues or the whole organism - it strengthens the body's resistance, slows its aging and protects against civilization diseases.

Heating your body above normal body temperature is pleasant and relaxing. In the sauna, tired muscles are released and soothes the stressed brain as the body bleeds the relief of substances such as endorphins. There is no recommended time to heat up. Here is the golden rule until you like it, yet it is necessary to take care of the sensations of burning nose and facial skin and increased feeling of heat. It usually takes about 15 minutes depending on the air temperature in the sauna heater. Every retention in both heat and cold is a risky matter.